Bitcoin Developer Says Wasabi Wallet Users Are Experiencing A Dust Attack

According to the Bitcoin (BTC) developer Nopara73, the Wasabi Wallet experienced a dust attack. He wrote on Twitter that the attack was successful and that the dust will be hidden in their next release. Nopara 73 is also an employee at Wasabi Wallet.

Dust is the creation of small transactions that are used to spam the Bitcoin network. Moreover, dust attack can deanonymize users that transact with other users by sending small transactions to different wallets. In this way, it is possible to track the payments made by these addresses with small amounts.

Nopara73 explained that this dust attack was different than previous versions. He said that in a traditional attack, users are not aware of the coins and the wallet incorporates it into a new transaction. In this way, it is possible to link wallet clusters. However, this does not work with Wasabi Wallet.

As he mentioned, the attacker sent money to mixed outputs to see how many transactions could incorporate the dust into just a single transaction. Apparently, half of the funds were incorporated into these transactions. Nopara73 said that the next version of the wallet will be handling these things better.

According to a moderator of r/Monero on Reddit it is more difficult to perform a dust attack on the Monero network. This is due to the fact that public addresses do not appear on the Blockchain, as they do in Bitcoin.

Wasabi Wallet is a privacy-focused and open source cryptocurrency wallet for Bitcoin. The wallet implements trustless coin shuffling with mathematically provable anonymity. This is why a dust attack has a sense for Wasabi wallet owners.

In order to increase privacy in the crypto space, Litecoin (LTC) will be implementing Confidential Transactions, or eventually, MimbleWimble to protect users’ privacy.

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