What Is Bitenny?

Bitenny is an AI-based financial asset management and payment platform that seeks to bridge the gap between traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies to provide cryptocurrencies with more applications in the real world.

In addition, Bitenny will combine traditional and future centric payment concepts, and in doing so, acquire a unique position in the FinTech marketplace where it can focus on the future business and commerce trends.

Bitenny integrates the potential of AI solutions to provide users with safe and efficient trading protocols. With AI technology, Bitenny will acquire better insights on the market and analysis that it can provide to its investors.

How Bitenny Crypto and Fiat Payment Solution Works

Bitenny has a free AI-enabled wallet that reduces the risk of cryptocurrency investments by enabling users securely exchange cryptocurrency while ensuring they are compliant to all the set regulations. The wallet supports transactions between virtual and physical currencies; therefore, users can easily pay, store, or exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

Prally is the wallet’s interactive assistant that has real-time access to crypto markets and notifies users of any cryptocurrency trading opportunities. The users will also receive guidance on how to execute the trades which reduces the risk when trading especially for those who are still new in crypto trading.

With Prally’s Advanced Trading tools, users can generate reports for the users, analyze the current market conditions, and execute trades when authorized. The tools are equally useful after the user has provided information on the amount to trade, the time, as well as the desired outcomes.

Bitenny is equipped with a Bitenny API that businesses can integrate into their online stores. The advanced technical platform can accept multiple payments methods thus solving the problem of business requiring several Payment Service Providers.

The current financial markets lack specialized software that can enable merchant stores to accept cryptocurrency payments. However, with the Bitenny system, merchants can easily install it on desktop or mobile devices that cashiers can use at the point of sale.

Therefore, the merchant’s customers that own the Bitenny wallet can pay using their cryptocurrency for physical payments at in-store points of sale.

Competitive Advantages Of Bitenny

Advanced Structure And Ethos

Bitenny’s structure is designed to simplify the cryptocurrency market and provide regular fiat users, investors, businesses or traders with the ability to make purchases and payments for both online and offline stores.

Comprehensive Payment Solutions

There are over 50 payment methods that are supported on the Bitenny network, which will make transactions for businesses and users simpler and more straightforward. The network developers are also working to increase the number of payments methods on Bitenny.

Technological Innovation

Bitenny is integrated with state of the technology that features advanced concepts such as Artificial Intelligence. The concepts are then applied to the real world in order to solve problems.

Experienced Team

The team behind Bitenny includes alumni of both Deloitte and Ingenico who have over 20 years of collective experience in developing highly effective AI solutions combined with expertise in global financial and IT fields.

Bitenny BTNY Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: BTNY
  • Token protocol: ERC20
  • Total token supply:700 000 000 BTNY
  • Token Presale: February 28th – May 28th 2019
  • Token price: 0.07 USD per BTNY
  • Accepted currencies: USD, AUD, BTC, ETH, XEM
  • Soft Cap: 3,000,000 USD
  • Hardcap:25,000,000 USD

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