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Hartej and I have known each other for a few years now from the crypto scene. It’s been wonderful hanging out at different conferences together, meeting people, and seeing the space evolve. Hartej and his team have come a long way since starting their security auditing firm. He shares with us the ups and downs, along with plans for the future, and a little insight into HoshoCon and when we can expect the next one. A Las Vegas native, there was no way we would miss each other at Tone Vays’ Unconfiscatable event!

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Hartej Sawhney is the Co-Founder and President for Hosho and a frequent speaker at Blockchain and Fintech events. He is an advisor to Pink Sky Capital (Crypto Hedge Fund),, and He was formerly Co-Founder and CEO of Zuldi. Hartej graduated with a degree in Finance from Penn State University. Hartej is also a clothing designer, Indian classical musician, and art curator. HoshoCon2018 is the next big event scheduled.

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